Kate's Family

All dressed up for Uncle Patrick's wedding on New Year's Day, 2000.

Married to Richard, software engineer at BAE Systems. One of those fortunate few in this world who enjoys his job. He loves having kids all around the house (Gee, that worked out!) He also likes to play cards, particularly bridge, drive sports cars, and to go places pretending to be a tourist. We met in college, when he was looking for a fourth for a pinochle game, and were friends for over 15 years, but didn't marry each other till later.

boating on the Chesapeake BayEldest Daughter - Jessica Margaret, who's working full time and living with her boyfriend, so we don't see much of her. Loves her dog Anoki (the one on the left), Siamese cat Soleo, being outdoors, and driving her Big Bad Black Truck.

Next Daughter... Rebecca Lynn
better known as Becky Lynn - is an senior at Maryland Institute College of Art, majoring in General Art. That's about all she does, but she does it very well. She also works in a Judaic stained glass art studio.

part-time mother to

David Nelson ...a quiet boy who would rather play video games than almost anything else, although I have corrupted him with fantasy and science fiction books. But he still mostly plays games and watches TV. He is at Frostburg State University for his second year in college. It is the alma mater of ALL his parents.

and Becky Anne...
one of our lively ones, is 18 going on 25, but a very pleasant and helpful teenager. She plays clarinet fairly well, and I also have to mention that she is attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. ^_^ She is in the Minuteman Marching Band

 Our last daughter... Mary Frances, better known as Molly, born May 14, 1998. Now almost a three & half old, she loves dogs and sometimes thinks she's a teenager ....I wonder why?

also former foster mother to Kristin. Although she does not live with us anymore, there will always be a special place in our hearts for her. An active girl, she's a senior at the University of Maryland, where she continues to maintain honor roll status. She's part of a medieval fighting group, and drives a bus part-time.

Last updated Feb. 8, 2002, KAME

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