Molly's Home Page
Molly is THIS many! She's four now, and in the "sees all, hears all, tells all" stage. Molly still likes camping, and was excited about seeing crayfish, deer, chipmunks and a mouse. ( No bears this year!) Road trips are even more fun in Daddy's new convertible. And watching movies, along with coloring, are her favorite indoor activities. She's also learning to play simple games like Candy Land.
At Indiana Dunes State Park, with the unswimmable Lake Michigan in background
hiking the trail up to Muddy Creek Falls in western Maryland Camping at Swallow Falls with Aunt Peggy, Uncle Frank and her cousins was fun, and the weather wonderful. So many waterfalls, and critters to see!
playing at Tolliver Falls Aunt Peggy helped her catch this red eft

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