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Riv Div 552

Fire Fight on the Vam Co Dong River

Dec 14, 1969

This tape was recorded by John Dudzik Dec 14, 1969 in the Naval Operation Center Tra Cu Vietnam. It is a little hard to understand. It records a fire fight in which "Lancing Delta engage a san pan and Delta 1 was hit with a b40 rocket and was on the beach a burning. I only uploaded part of the tape since it takes forever to download on the net. The part I didn't upload records the men who got blown overboard being found. As I recall the story went that he was wistling the star spangled banner in the middle of the dark river and thats how he got found. They claimed you could hear it on the tape but I could never pick it out.

John Dudzik at work



This is a picture of the boat after it burned curtusey of Ernest Stwert.

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